Fellows are graduate students have more than two semesters of teaching experience* at VT and/or curriculum development and outstanding teaching evaluations. (*Teaching experience includes GTA assignments, volunteer GTA positions, instructor for summer programs, First Year Experience courses, Living/Learning communities courses, adjunct positions and other pertinent activity.)

Graduate students interested in becoming Fellows of the Academy are requested to prepare an application packet that includes the following:

• Letter of application (maximum of two pages) that should address:

  1. Reason for applying to the Academy
  2. How membership fits one’s professional goals
  3. Importance of teaching in the 21st century and beyond
  4. Illustration of commitment to inclusion and diversity in learning environments
  5. Expected contributions to the Academy

• Curriculum Vitae

• Letter of Recommendation from a faculty member or department representative

• Teaching Portfolio that may include the following:

  1. Teaching philosophy
  2. Examples of teaching practices / artifacts
  3. Teaching evaluations
  4. Course syllabi
  5. Other pertinent documents that demonstrate teaching experience and commitment to creating positive learning environments

These documents are submitted during application periods in the Fall and Spring semesters. Announcements regarding the application period and submission links may be found here.

In addition to submitting an application packet, Fellow applicants undergo a 15-minute interview with selected representatives from the roster of Academy Faculty Scholars and Fellows, and Graduate School administrators. Prospective Fellows should expect to be invited to an interview two weeks after the end of the application period.