Meet the Fellows

GrATE Fellows are graduate students have more than two semesters of teaching experience* at VT and/or curriculum development and outstanding teaching evaluations. (*Teaching experience includes GTA assignments, volunteer GTA positions, instructor for summer programs, First Year Experience courses, Learning/Learning communities courses, adjunct positions and other pertinent activity.)

Fellows’ Contact Information

Katherine Ayers

  • Department: Sociology
  • Office: Mcbryde Hall, 555
  • email:

Darren Maczka

Michelle Soledad

Martina Svyantek

  • Department: Individualized, interdisciplinary PhD investigating how disability is constructed as an identity within higher education.
  • Office: Togersen 3124
  • ePortfolio:
  • Twitter: @svyantek

Have a question? Need help with something or just a friendly chat? The Graduate Fellows are here to help you on the way.