unschool, deschool, reschool…

[sharing with both my NMSS group and with Future Professoriate classmates who may find it interesting.] April 23, 2015 Christiansburg, VA Deschooling isn’t, in my interpretation a dismissal of the process we have come to love and trust, but rather … Continue reading

Open Source Possibilities

Open Access journals are a common topic among graduate student discussions as well as a concern and interest among higher education administrators. Here at Virginia Tech I have been given the wonderful opportunity to explore the world of open access … Continue reading


A graffiti titled “Escapism” made by the British, guerrilla, graffiti artist Banksy is seen on Israel’s highly controversial West Bank barrier in Ramallah on August 6, 2005. Banksy has made a name for himself with provocative images stencilled around the … Continue reading

Mission Statements

When applying to schools as a high school Senior, I do not remember reading any mission statements. The mission of the school was not as “of interest” to me as the schools courses, opportunities, and environment. As an instructor and … Continue reading

My Thoughts on Online Teaching

So, my department is preparing for summer teaching in the next couple of weeks. For many it is the first time they have taught online (all of our summer courses are online). When I was first trying to figure out online teaching I was talking to everyone I could about it because I found it […]

Viola; porcupines, spaces, and edits

We’ve been reading Viola in preparation for this week’s New Media Seminar. So much of it is swirling around in my head; the way Facebook edits “our year,” edits our life, the way we rely on the unseen data space, … Continue reading

Significance and Montessori in Higher Education

This week as we were discussing mindfull learning and anti-teaching I came across this blog post from an instructional designer at Rice University that discusses some cognitive research on children and how they are being taught and what they do with what they are taught. Even though I found the post a few days ago and tweeted […]

Conveyer Belt Teaching

I found this while exploring some of the previous semester’s GEDI blogs: http://blogs.lt.vt.edu/hmurzi/the-humanities-vs-engineering-and-business-perceptions-hollins-university-visit/. I loved reading about someone’s experience as an outsider visiting my alma mater. I love Hollins and to this day I will occasionally go to Roanoke just to knock on the Dean of Student’s door to chat with her about something. I am […]

Welcome Back!

This semester I will be continuing to maintain this blog. I will be doing it in relation to three different projects and classes I am involved with. The first being the GEDI (Graduate Education Development Institute) course here at Virginia Tech, which discusses pedagogical practices in the 21st century. The second being the Global Perspectives […]