What’s up with those ePortfolio things?

So, one of the things I have had the chance to explore throughout graduate school is the creation, editing, and (constant) re-visioning of an ePortfolio. Never heard of that? That’s fine, and not an uncommon reaction!   ePortfolios are a means to digitally define and describe my online presence. Which can come across as kind of confusing and redundant. At…

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This fall the Academy or VTGrATE assisted with the Graduate School’s GTA Workshop sessions on ePortfolios. In the spring, the Graduate School decided to work with the library, which was beginning work on an ePortfolio pilot using Portfolium. Dr. Hajj, the associate dean with the Graduate School who works on the GTA Workshop, approached GrATE […]

Mindfulness and Graduate School

I have been thinking a lot about mindfulness this week. It was probably sparked by a quote I read by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. It is called The Invitation, but more than the words I was struck by the idea of intentional living. I read this last Saturday night while I was in Richmond. I went […]

Pros and Cons of Service

This semester, I have engaged in a lot of service work. I am active in the GTA Academy, planning and attending events, and I have also been very involved as a Diversity Scholar and member of the Bouchet Honor Society. … Continue reading

The Divide

Lately I have been struggling with what I view as an issue of student entitlement. Most of my students consistently fall into three categories: those who attend and participate regularly, showing a genuine interest in the subject matter (this group … Continue reading