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VTGrATE Fellows are graduate students have more than two semesters of teaching experience* at VT and/or curriculum development and outstanding teaching evaluations. (*Teaching experience includes GTA assignments, volunteer GTA positions, instructor for summer programs, First Year Experience courses, Learning/Learning communities courses, adjunct positions and other pertinent activity.)

Amanda Halliburton

Jordan L. Laney

  • Department: ASPECT (Alliance for Social Political Ethical and Cultural Thought)
  • Office hours by appointment, Lane Hall 314
  • Blog:
  • Twitter: @JordanLLaney

Erin Lavender-Stott

Darren Maczka

Micah Roediger

  • Department: Psychology
  • Office: Williams Hall 329
  • Micah focuses on building an inclusive classroom to engage all students. Having been the instructor of record for a class with more than 80 students Micah aims to avoid an over reliance on PowerPoint presentations and to go beyond the standard lecture. In general, his class focuses on short lectures with intermittent activities and discussions that require students to work together and demonstrate mastery of the course topics.

Mohammed Seyam

Joseph Slagel

Michelle Soledad

Martina Svyantek

  • Department: Individualized, interdisciplinary PhD investigating how disability is constructed as an identity within higher education.
  • Office: Togersen 3124
  • ePortfolio:
  • Twitter: @svyantek


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Jonilda Bahja, Hospitality and Tourism Management (2017)
Anne M. Brown, Biochemistry (2017)
Laura Hanzly, Biological Systems Engineering (2017)
Yesim Keskin, Human Development/Marriage & Family Therapy (2017)
Racheida Lewis, Engineering Education (2017)
Mary Nedela, Human Development/Marriage & Family Therapy (2017)
Alexandria Noble, Engineering (2017)
Rachel Rupnow, Mathematics (2017)
Jyotsana Sharma, Counselor Education (2017)
Manisha Shrestha, Biological Sciences (2017)
Shelby E. Ward, ASPECT (2017)
Raven Weaver, Human Development (2017)
Hanlie Wessels, Chemistry (2017)
Bethany Wolters, CSES (2017)

Ashish Agrawal, Engineering Education (2016)
Katherine Ayers, Sociology (2016)
Trevor Jamerson, Sociology (2016)
Laura Savage, Industrial & System Engineering (2016)
Joy Thompson, Sociology (2016)
Kari Zacharias, STS (2016)

Laura Hanzly, Biological Systems Engineering (2015)
Nicole J Johnson, Higher Education (2015)
Yesim Keskin, Human Development, Marriage and Family Therapy (2015)
Homero Murzi, Engineering Education (2015)
Maria E. Nieves-Melendez, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2015)
Anjelica Smith, Commmunicaion (2015)
Elizabeth Spingola, Engineering Education (2015)
Jennifer Turner, Sociology (2015)
Hanilie Wesseis, Chemistry (2015)

Kenneth Black, Architecture (2015)
Anne M. Brown, Biochemistry (2015)
Ryan Cook, Counseling Education (2015)
Kelli Karcher, Mathematics (2015)
Shabnam Kavousi, Architecture (2015)
Alison Kernell Burke, Microbiology (2015)
Jordan Laney, ASPECT (2015)
Erin S. Lavender-Stott, Human Development (2015)
Yasaman Shahtaheri, Construction Engineering, and Management (2015)
Michael Stewart, Human-Computer Interaction (2015)


Tariq Abuhamdia, Mechanical Engineering (2017)
Ramon Benitez, Engineering Education (2017)
Matthew Chan, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2017)
Sarah Donnelly, Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise (2017)
Rob Flahive, ASPECT (2017)
Diana Marcela Franco Duran, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2017)
Leanna Ireland, Sociology (2017)
Yousef Jalali, Engineering Education (2017)
Audra Jenson, Philosophy (2017)
Sarang Joshi, Computer Science (2017)
Ravi Kishore, Mechanical Engineering (2017)
Rebekah Martin, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2017)
Walter McDonald, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2017)
Sudipta Mukherjee, Marketing (2017)
Brett R. Netto, School of Public and International Affairs – Planning, Governance, and Globalization (2017)
Christopher Savage, School of Education (2017)
Yasaman Shahtaheri, Civil & Environmental Engineering/Construction Engineering & Management (2017)
Unnati Sonawala, Plant Pathology, Physiology, & Weed Science (2017)
Bradford Stucki, Human Development – Marriage and Family Therapy (2017)

Morgan Davies, Philosophy (2016)
Jeena Jayamon, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2015)
Walter McDonald, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2016)
Anthony Millican, Aerospace & Ocean Engineering (2016)
Micah Roediger, Industrial & Organizational Psychology (2016)
Amanda Sain, Civil & Environmental Engineering (2016)
Kaetlin Taylor, Philosophy (2016)

Kevin Krost, Educational Research & Evaluation (2015)
Elham Mohammed Zadeh, SBIO (2015)
Mary Nedela, Human Development (2015)
Aaron Ogletree, Human Development (2015)
Renee Pietsch, Biological Science (2015)
Kaveh Rahimi, Electrical & Computer Engineering (2015)

Mubashir Ansari, Chemical Engineering (2015)
Katherine Ayers, Sociology (2015)
Rajesh Bawa, Forest Resources, and Environmental Conservation (2015)
Matthew Chan, Civil and Environmental Engineering (2015)
Ray David, Civil and Environmental Engineering (2015)
Bahareh Estejab, Mechanical Engineering (2015)
Ryan Horn, Marketing (2015)
Sarang Joshi, Computer Science (2015)
Gregory Purdy, Industrial and Systems Engineering (2015)
Martina Svyantek, Engineering Education (2015)
Nina Wilson, Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Science (2015)

Mari Lehtimaki*, Dairy Science (2014)
Jennifer Henderson*, Science and Technology Studies (2014)
Maria Stack*, Education Research and Evaluation (2014)
Ivette Valenzuela*, Biomed and Veterinary Science (2014)
Nicole J. Johnson*, Higher Education (2014)
Jonathan Waldron*, Psychology (2014)
Scott Walker*, Engineering Education (2014)
Erin Lavender-Stott*, Human Development (2014)
Kenneth Black*, Architecture (2014)

*Founding Members